10 Tips From The Highest Scoring Players (GW1-11)

10 Tips From The Highest Scoring Players (GW1-11)


With another international break upon us, we’re given another chance to reflect on the season so far. As I’ve found out in recent weeks, captaining a high scorer can really save your gameweek. So with this in mind, we’re delving into the past and looking at the top player from each individual gameweek this season.

Top Player Analysis

10 Tips From The Highest Scoring Players

  1. Out of the 11 gameweeks, strikers have returned the highest score out of all players on 6 separate occasions.
  2. Defenders are next up, taking 3 gameweeks
  3. Whilst midfielders are in last place with only 2 gameweeks
  4. No Man United player has been the highest gameweek scorer including Van Persie
  5. No one has broken the 18-point mark, achieved by Benteke, Hazard and Aguero
  6. The Merseyside clubs are on top with the highest scorer twice each (Baines, Lukaku, Suarez twice)
  7. Belgium could be dangerous in Brazil next year with 3 top scorers in the form of Benteke, Lukaku and Hazard
  8. The league leaders, Arsenal, have never had a highest points scorer
  9. Despite playing only 6 times this season, Suarez has been the top player on two occasions
  10. Captaining the top player each week would have given you a massive 362 points!

Star Player – Suarez

Addict Outlook – Since his return in Gameweek 6, Suarez has been eager to make up for lost time, scoring 8 goals and creating a further 3. With double figures in 4 of his 6 performances, Suarez is clearly a great captain contender. Starting in Gameweek 14, Liverpool have 3 home games in 4, taking on Norwich, West Ham and Cardiff in front of the Anfield faithful. These will all be excellent chances for Suarez to add to his formidable start to the season and you’ll have to be crazy not to have him in your team.

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Author Credit: Richard Lam

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75354150@N06/