5 Football-Related Ways To Prepare For Fantasy Premier League

5 Football-Related Ways To Prepare For Fantasy Premier League


Whilst waiting for the season to kick off, you have to keep your mind occupied. The more you look at your squad, the more likely you are to tinker and no one wants to end up like Claudio Ranieri. Here are some football-related alternatives that can keep your morale high and get you charged up for the new season…

Play Virtual Football

Whether you’re a FIFA fanatic or Pro Evo supporter, turning to our faithful games consoles can provide some brief relief. Follow the latest transfers and see what the games developers thought of these potential fantasy players. If only there could be some magical mix between FPL and a football game, that would surely be the stuff of dreams.

Suited and Booted

Summer’s a great time to pop down the sports shop and pick up a footy top. Last season’s top is sure to be marked down and you could definitely pick up a bargain. Alternatively, if you’ve got money to burn, why not get the shirt for the upcoming season. There’s not much better than putting on a brand new footy top and you could save it for that very first weekend when the new FPL season kicks off. If you’re an all or nothing person, why not go all the way and get some shorts, socks and boots on too, it’ll show you mean business!

Break Your Keepy Uppy Record

All of us as kids have spent countless hours kicking a ball up, keeping it in the air for as long as possible. So why not revisit your childhood days and break that record of yours. You could even make things more interesting, throwing in distractions. Ask a friend or a partner to get involved; they could water bomb you every 20 kick-ups, flash you when you hit 50 or provide slow and monotonous speech with the aim of boring you to sleep.

YouTube Research

With various incoming transfers, you can turn to your reliable friend YouTube to do a little research. Occasionally, on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages (see links in the sidebar), we’ll post videos we find but feel free to get involved and help us out. For most players, there’ll be a selection of compilation videos with terrible backing music. They’re created by loyal fans who will be devastated that they’ve left but such is the way of football and their loss is our gain.


All Premier League clubs will be off on their travels, trying to expand their fanbase in far off places. Although, not a great deal can be learnt from the type of opposition they normally come up against, it does help to analyse the state of mind some players will be in. For instance, a striker who’s slotting the goals away will surely be full of confidence for the start of the season. Here at Fantasy Football Addict, we’ll be following as many matches as possible to pick up any hints or tips for 2013-14, so join our social channels to avoid missing out on anything we find.

This season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting for years and we can’t wait for it all to get started!

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