5 YouTube Videos That Define Wayne Rooney

5 YouTube Videos That Define Wayne Rooney


There is no question that Wayne Rooney is a fantastic footballer and it has been a joy to see him ply his trade over the years. The best may be yet to come but here are 5 clips that sum up what Rooney has given us so far…

1. This is where we first wondered who is this Wayne Rooney kid??

At the age of 16, Rooney scored a terrific goal to end Arsenal’s 30-game unbeaten run as Everton secured a 2-1 victory over the Gunners.

2. Along with his ability to light up a game, Rooney has always been a bit of a livewire where his temper could easily flare up and get the better of him…

Thankfully, he seems to control his temper for the most part, allowing him to create moments captured in the following videos.

3. One of the best overhead kicks you will ever see scored in the Premier League and it’s from an Englishman…


The goal came against Man City, which made it all the more sweeter for United fans.

4. As we saw earlier, Rooney loves a bit of a scrap from time to time but he bit off more than he could chew when he decided to put the boxing gloves on…

I think it’s safe to say that Rooney’s far better with his feet than his hands, and for the sake of the beautiful game someone needs to burn those gloves.

5. Alongside his consistent returns for Man United, Rooney has arguably become the greatest player England has ever produced as shown by all of these goals…

Since the video was made, on 14th June this year, Rooney scored the winner with four minutes remaining for a 3–2 victory in a qualifier against Slovenia, his 48th international goal putting him joint second in England’s list alongside Gary Lineker, and one behind Bobby Charlton.

Fantasy Football Addict Advice:

  1. With Van Persie and Falcao moving on, Van Gaal has declared that Rooney will be a lone striker for United this season.
  2. At £10.5m and given the role up top, he’s a great prospect that you should give some serious consideration to.
  3. From 479 appearances, he’s scored 230 times and for some of these games, Rooney will have been occupying a deeper role to accommodate another striker or dropping into midfield.
  4. With a goal ratio of practically 1 in 2, he has the potential to score 15+ goals and assists to boot this season providing he stays fit and avoids any suspensions.

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