Become a Pre-Season Chameleon

Become a Pre-Season Chameleon


It’s back baby and it’s going to be better than ever! I can feel it in my waters, this is going to be a season to remember. With the teams at the top strengthening, there are going to be some spankings dealt out. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get an upset now and again; this is football after all and why we love the beautiful game. Where a team worth hundreds of millions can be defeated by a rag tag bunch of lads whose collective cost will struggle to match the opposition’s star man.

What Happens on Tour Stays on Tour

So here we are in pre-season, with our Premier League sides looking to develop team spirit, gain match fitness and bed in the newbies in lands far and wide. The brand is being well and truly soaked up by foreign fans, whilst us fantasy managers anxiously search for any morsel that will help us decide our initial squad.

Pinch of Salt

We’re all desperate for any insight we can gain but all matches have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Most teams have changed considerably and managers are still figuring out how they’d like to tackle the new season. Not many will start as they finished so here we are in the fantasy abyss; the most uncertain time of the entire season.

Trust No One

Friends, foes and fellow fantasy football enthusiasts will speak as though they’ve got a manager’s mind on speed dial but don’t trust their misguided confidence for one second. We’re riding the rocky waters of fantasy premier league at the moment where we just don’t know what’s over the next wave. Managers preaching Dzeko’s name last week will now be singing Jovetic’s praises.

As more matches are played out, we’ll discover more and we’ll gain a clearer picture but for the time being we must wait. So gather your initial squad but become the fantasy footy chameleon and adapt to what you learn.

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