FPL Rules

FPL Rules

For those who are new to the Fantasy Premier League, there are some important rules to be aware of when picking your squad, and for the duration of the season. Here is what you need to know:

The Squad

    • You must pick 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 strikers.


    • You can only pick a maximum of 3 players from a single team. If a player is transferred to another team, resulting in you having 4 from that team, before you can make any additional transfers, you will have to correct this by taking one player out of that particular side.


    • You receive £100m to spend on your squad and this can be spent in any way with no limits set for certain positions. This allows you to allocate your funds as you wish.


  • With over 2 million people registering for the Fantasy Premier League each season, there is no draft or auction option, as this would severely limit the amount of people who could play the official game. By having a system that doesn’t require unique teams, it allows managers to select the same players and gives them the ability to compete against everyone else on a wider scale.

The Season

    • The usual deadline for gameweeks is 11.45am on the Saturday in question. Alterations to this deadline will only occur for Friday night gameweeks (Friday 6.45pm) and special gameweeks such as Boxing day matches.


    • You must pick your starting eleven before this deadline each gameweek, in a valid formation (3 defenders minimum). You must also decide the order of your substitutes. If one of your starting players does not play at all during the gameweek, they will be automatically transferred out for your first choice sub, if it remains a valid formation. For example, if you choose a 3-4-3 formation and one of your defenders does not play, an attacking player cannot be substituted in as this will result in only having 2 defenders at the back. Therefore your first choice substitute defender will come into play.


    • You receive one free transfer each gameweek and every additional transfer will come at a cost of 4 points, which will be removed at the start of the next gameweek. If you choose not to use your free transfer, it will be rolled over to the following gameweek but the rolling over will stop once you reach the maximum of two free transfers. Visit our Select XI section to see which players you should bring in for the upcoming gameweek.


  • Players’ prices will fluctuate over the course of the season depending on the amount of transfers in and out of squads. The price changes normally take place sometime between midnight to 3am in the early morning. These will only occur when a specific amount of transfers have taken place. Take a look in our sidebar on the right to follow who might be rising soon.

However, simply knowing these rules will not make you a great fantasy football manager. That takes time and dedication to hours of research but for the true football fan, this isn’t a chore, it simply gives reason to something you love. So good luck in your campaigns and hopefully you’ll get your hands on some of those precious fantasy premier league points that we all crave! To help you, visit our Fantasy Football Addict homepage to see our latest research and tips to help your fantasy football team.

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  1. I was playing 4(d)-3(m)-3(f) combination. Out of my 4 defenders 2 did not play this week, also the substitute defender was rested this week. So I get points only from the 2 remaining defenders this week? Thats shame.

    • Hello Shishir, it was a tricky weekend where a number of regulars were replaced. Moyes paid the price with a home defeat, resting Evra and Vidic, whilst Collins was replaced in the West Ham loss to Hull. These results may lead to a little less rotation, showing managers that they can’t always get away with dropping experienced regulars from their lineups.

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