Goalkeeper Analysis – Budget Rotation

Goalkeeper Analysis – Budget Rotation


A popular strategy amongst fantasy football managers is to rotate players for favourable fixtures. This is especially the case for goalkeepers and given your selection, you could end up with a pretty tidy run of games. Anyone who knows anything about football understands the importance of home advantage and with our fixture analysis, we’ve taken care of all the hard work for you.

Cheapest of The Cheap

There aren’t many options for those of you looking for two 4.5m keepers and our best suggestion for you is Boruc (SOT) and Speroni (CPL). These two keepers alternate to give you a starting home run of TOT, SUN, SUN, WHM, SWA, CPL, SWA, FUL. The only top side they face is Spurs and given the outlay of 9m, it’s not a bad run, it’s not great but it’s not bad.


The Next Best

For an extra 0.5m, another two options appear. First off, Southampton’s fixtures align with West Brom’s allowing you to pair up Boruc with the slightly more expensive Foster (5.0m). This gives you a consecutive home run of SOT, SUN, SWA, WHM, SUN, CPL, SWA before ending in Gameweek 8.


Alternatively, you can choose to pair up Boruc with Norwich’s keeper Ruddy, who is also priced at 5.0m. This gives you a home run of EVE, SUN, SOT, WHM, AVL, CPL, SWA before also ending in Gameweek 8, where both teams have away matches.


Out of the two choices we favour Foster, as he’s shown himself on more than one occasion to be an excellent shot stopper and over the course of last season, racked up 105 points compared to Ruddy’s 67.

The Boruc Alternative

If for some reason or other, you’re not too keen on Boruc or Southampton, there is one other option open to you and that is McGregor from Hull. He is also priced at 4.5m and his matches are similar to Southampton’s allowing you to make the following runs:


The above rotations can be used for any positions and can definitely help when it comes to supplementing your main stars with budget buys. Over the coming weeks, we’ll look into the best players from these teams and where they can rotate for you. So make sure you don’t miss out on our fantasy football tips, news and advice by returning soon or joining us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Roll on, roll up, it’s time to get addicted once more!

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