Goalkeepers: To Rotate Or Not To?

Goalkeepers: To Rotate Or Not To?


For the first time ever this season, no goalkeeper will cost you more than a mere £5.5m. This is a bizarre move from Fantasy Premier League, especially considering that they are also looking to address the bonus points situation where goalkeepers in the past have been neglected for match-winning performances.

So the likes of Courtois, Cech, De Gea (if he’s still at United come the start of the season) and Hart are all available at the knock-down price, making the decision of whether to rotate or not all the more important this pre-season.

Heavy Rotation?

So do you go for a top 4 keeper along with a benchwarmer or do you rotate 2 goalkeepers from teams lower in the league?

In the past, a lot of fantasy managers have favoured rotation, ensuring that their goalkeeper for the most part is playing at home. There was always some money to be saved going for a rotation combo, even if it was £0.5m but this has now been offset by the low prices of the top keepers (and if you go for a £4.0m benchwarmer).


Going for Pantilimon (£5.0m) and Krul (£4.5m), who rotate perfectly all season due to policing concerns and proximity will put you back £9.5m. Although, Sunderland kept 13 clean sheets last season, only 6 came at home, whilst Newcastle kept 8 in total with 5 in front of their home fans. That comes to just 11 home clean sheets.

Alternatively, backing Courtois (£5.5m) instead of say Pantilimon would cost an additional £0.5m but the potential for clean sheets is considerably higher with Chelsea recording 17 last season. Although 4 of these are attributed to Cech, Begovic provides less of a threat to Courtois’ gametime and will only be expected to play a small handful of games this coming season.

This of course doesn’t take into account save points accrued but it’s clear that with keepers coming down in price, there appears to be value to be had from not going for rotation.

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