How To Replace Fantasy Football Over The Summer

How To Replace Fantasy Football Over The Summer

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The amount of time, sweat and effort that we put into our FPL teams during the season is incredible. The dedication that’s required to pound your friends into the ground is something special. However, when the season ends, we have to ask ourselves… what now?

All of a sudden, we have all this time to ourselves and nothing to fill the gaping void in our lives! I can hear the screams of fantasy football managers across the globe, struggling to comprehend a whole summer without fantasy points. Never fear as Fantasy Football Addict is here and we have some helpful tips to get you through this long summer. Here are some options as to how you can replace fantasy football…

Play REAL Football

I know this sounds crazy but going outside and playing some actual football will do wonders for your peace of mind. You could even pretend you’re the captain of your fantasy side. Rack up the points inside your brain as you score goal after goal, and feel free to award yourself the maximum bonus points at the end of the match.

Become a Roadie

Festival fever is well under way so pack your tent and sleeping bag and hit the road. There’s nothing like urinating into an Olympic-sized swimming pool of horror to get your mind off fantasy football. Listen to some live music, down a beverage or two and enjoy the great outdoors for once before returning to your electrical portals to FPL.

Find Another Hobby

You can finally start that hobby that you’ve consistently postponed since August last year. Become the master of that piano! Waterpaint like you’ve never waterpainted before or purchase that samurai sword from ebay and slice your foes in two!

Wining and Dining

Over the past 10 or so months, you’re bound to have neglected your significant other on more than one occasion so it’s time to make up for it. Dust off that date machine and get it started up, show your partner what they’ve been missing out on and why the fantasy premier league considers itself a very lucky game to have you in its life. It also wouldn’t hurt to earn some brownie points in lieu of next season.


There must’ve been a number of shows that you missed out on over the course of the season. So make the most of this time.. discover the dangers of cooking meth, just how dirty politics can be with Kevin Spacey or why development can sometimes be arrested. Also, don’t forget to find out how much Jon Snow actually knows, the precise number of raunchy scenes a show can fit in a season and exactly when winter might be coming!

We hope all of these suggestions can be of use to you during these difficult and testing times. Struggling with fantasy football addiction is no walk in the park, there’s no grass and most definitely no sunshine. So if you know someone who could benefit from these ideas to replace the fantasy premier league over the summer, please share through our social channels to help a fellow addict in need.

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