Mourinho Mindgames

Mourinho Mindgames

jose mourinho

Ever since Jose Mourinho first came to our shores, we have been glued to his enigmatic personality. A managerial prodigy that learnt from the best and fulfilled his undoubted potential to become the most sought after manager in the game today.

Winning is a part of his DNA; wherever Mourinho has gone, success has followed. Following his fantastic first stint at Chelsea, Abramovich must have been over the moon after luring the Chosen One back for a second bite of the cherry.

Whilst Mourinho is a terrific man-manager, he is also a master of manipulation. With the media feeding off his every word, Mourinho has used this to his advantage to drive the conversation. This is where his mindgames come into play and here are some classic examples…

1. ‘Wenger is a specialist in failure’

After Wenger claimed that Mourinho feared failure in the 2013/14 season, his response was to call the Arsenal manager a specialist of failure, which would’ve cut deep. This season will be interesting with Arsenal seeming to have closed the gap and look to be serious title contenders.

2. Pellegrini Needs a Calculator

Following Pellegrini’s comments that Chelsea were not a little horse but a rich one, it led to Mourinho responding with…

“Pellegrini was talking about the money we’ve spent. Outside his football career, he’s an engineer by academic formation.

“I don’t think an engineer needs a calculator to do Mata £37 million and De Bruyne £18m. So that’s £55m (Chelsea January sales). Matic is £21m and Salah is £11m. That’s £32m (Chelsea January buys). 55 minus 32 is 23. So Chelsea, in this transfer window, generated £23m.

“We don’t need a calculator for this. It’s easy. Plus 23.”

The most amazing part of all this is Mourinho doesn’t even try to hide the fact of his mindgames…

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