Thank You For Being Patient

Thank You For Being Patient


Greetings fellow Fantasy Football Addicts, as you will be well aware, pre-season is well underway and the website is an absolute mess at the moment. We can only apologise for this as various bugs are being squished in the process of transferring to this jazzy new website theme, which should also look a lot more snazzy on your smartphone.

So please accept our most humble apologies and be safe in the fact that we are working hard on new articles that will help you get that perfect start to the season you crave.

With just over a couple of weeks until the start of the Fantasy Premier League season, we’ll be pumping out article after article in this short period so pop back regularly to absorb our footy knowledge.

The pre-season is all about soaking in as much info as you can possibly get your hands on so follow us on Facebook or Twitter to ensure you find out the latest transfers and analysis we find whilst scouring the web for the best and most insightful articles.