Top 6 Premier League Statistics – 2012/13

Top 6 Premier League Statistics – 2012/13


We’ve had plenty of time to reflect on another exciting season in the Fantasy Premier League and the statistics are finally complete. To help prepare for next season, it’s important that we take a quick look at some of the top performers from the previous season. So, for our very first Stat Attack article, we’ve chosen some important statistics from 2012/13 and here they are:

187 Goal Attempts – Luis Suarezluis suarez

Suarez’s future at Liverpool is far from secure with rumblings of unhappiness and thoughts of Real Madrid. With Higuain set to leave this summer, this frees up a spot up front but whether Madrid will make a move for Suarez is uncertain. He’s clearly a very talented footballer but is prone to lashing out, as shown in his brief stay in England.

Regardless, Suarez followed up his impressive first season where he broke the record for hitting the woodwork with an excellent second season, establishing himself as a fantasy favourite up front alongside RVP. If he chooses to stay at Liverpool, he’ll be one to definitely keep our eyes on for when he returns from his suspension. More goal attempts are sure to come alongside a flow of fantasy points.

73 Shots on Target – Gareth Bale

Another player that could be poached by Real Madrid is Gareth Bale. Zidane has made no secret of their desire to lure the Welsh wizard to La Liga and it all comes down to whether Bale thinks the grass is greener elsewhere. 2012/13 was an incredible season for Bale where he really showed us fantasy football addicts just how deadly he is, offering an alternative to RVP. If he does decide to stay loyal to Spurs for another season, we can expect a hefty FPL pricetag and it’ll be a tough choice to make as to whether he should form part of our squads.

353 Crosses & 117 Chances Created – Leighton Baines

If Moyes didn’t have Evra at his disposal, there’d be little doubt of his efforts to bring Baines to United. The Frenchman could be Everton’s saving grace as Baines once again showed how great a left back he is with consistent performances last season. He’s one of the best crossers in the Premier League and as shown by the statistic above, he never passed up an opportunity to whip a cross in for his Everton team mates.

Not only did he produce the most crosses out of anyone in the Premier League but he also created the most chances. Despite his inevitable high pricetag for next season, he’ll still be a realistic option for those who want to add a differential to their backlines as most managers will divert their budget to their midfield and attackers.

baines penalty

1110 Passes in the Final Third – Santi Cazorla

Cazorla arrived last summer with an understated reputation but he soon showed us what talent he possesses and why Wenger was so keen to secure his signature. Equally capable with either foot, Cazorla has excellent control and vision with the ball and racked up an impressive amount of fantasy points for his first season. With the most passes in the final third out of anyone in the league, Cazorla was clearly Arsenal’s most important playmaker with team mates choosing to pass to him when trying to force a goal.

With 8 wins in their final 10 league games, Cazorla is full of confidence going into next season and he’ll once again be vying for our attention alongside fellow midfielder Walcott. Managers are unlikely to have both so it should make things interesting for next season.

166 Saves – Jussi Jaaskelainen

Jaaskelainen was at hisjussi jaaskelainen best last season to ensure West Ham’s Premier League safety, notching up the most saves out of any goalkeeper and picking up a number of additional save points in the process. This led to Big Sam to waste no time in offering the Finn a new contract for next season.

Depending on your goalkeeper strategy for next season, Jaaskelainen should definitely feature in your plans if you decide to divert your budget elsewhere. If the top teams once again struggle for clean sheets at the start of the season, someone like Jaaskelainen could be profitable with his save points acting as security.

This wraps up our very first FFA Stat Attack, over the course of next season, they’ll be many more articles analysing the important statistics from the recent gameweek. This will help you to discover any underlying trends, where performances didn’t quite develop into points. If you have any interesting statistics from the past season, feel free to share them through any of our social channels and good luck for next season!

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