Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?


So you’re wondering where do I begin? The possibilities are endless, there are so many players to choose from, so which should I choose?

The firstĀ place to begin your research is the fixtures. By picking out teams with the most favourable fixtures, you have a decent shot at selecting some of the players that will hit the ground running.

A great place to analyse the opening fixtures is another site offering fantasy football tips – Fantasy Football Scout. They have a very handy season ticker on the right on the homepage or if you’re viewing it on your mobile you’ll need to press on the far right button that looks like tactics, when given 4 options underneath the first article.

Don’t get too carried away with fixtures though, this is just part of your pre-season analysis that needs to be accompanied by indicators that managers and players give away in the weeks leading up to the start of the season as to whether their team is ready and raring to go. It’s also worth remembering that…

A poor team with good fixtures is still a poor team.

In the coming days, we’ll publish more articles analysing teams which have strong fixtures to begin with, so come back soon or follow us on social media to hear about our latest posts.

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